Quarteto do Rio


Quarteto do Rio is the vocal and instrumental group founded in 2016 by the former members of the traditional group Os Cariocas. Eloi Vicente for twenty two years, Neil Teixeira for twenty years and Fabio Luna for six years where with Severino Filho members to the group Os Cariocas, which is very important to the brazilian music history because of the remarkable way of making arrangements for vocal harmonies  and instruments. 

First idealized by Ismael Netto, the group started it´s carreer in 1946 at the Radio Nacional, the brazilian most important radio station at the time, wich was the radio golden age in the twentieth century.

The group was since the begining able to perform all kinds of music styles with it's own arrangements for a vocal quartet, including american and brazilian musical styles. At the decade of 1960, after the birth of Bossa Nova, the group found in this style a very rich source of rythm and sophisticated harmonies to the vocal and instrumental parts. Since then and until the present days, Os Cariocas, or Quarteto do Rio since march of 2016, have realized historical worldwide live performances and recordings wich became great hits with the greatest names of brazilian music such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Morares, Chico Buarque, Leny Andrade, Roberto Menescal, ...

Ismael Netto and his brother Severino filho where founders to the group in 1946 and created the school of vocal harmonization to "the sound of Os Cariocas". Eloi Vicente and Neil Teixeira started on making the vocal and intrumental arrangements to the group along with Severino, and since then they have kept the developing of "the sound of Os Cariocas".

After Severino Filho passed away in 2016, Eloi, Neil, Fabio (until 2019) and Hernane Castro (since 2020) intented to keep the group activities but they have been told by Severino's relatives that they couldn't  keep using the name Os Cariocas anymore. Based upon the understanding that music is more important than the name, they have decided on moving forward with the new name Quarteto do Rio and invited the musician Leandro Freixo to play piano and sing the frist voice while Fabio Luna plays drums and sings the second voice, Neil Teixeira plays bass and sings the third voice and Eloi Vicente plays the acoustic guitar and sings the fourth voice.

These four musicians who are the current members intend to keep alive the wonderfull and recognized manner of treating and making brazilian popular music at the stages and recording studios, with the quality and dedication wich were demanded by the audience trough all these years and throughout the world since 1946.